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The business of Ardyss

The business of Ardyss simplified in the form of Ardyss Club: By the Power of 3:

This is a financial empowerment program from a club management perspective of having a team of 3 people in your club where you work toward a financial empowerment and lifestyle program of financial liberty by doing the very simple things of life which we most times do unconsciously without been paid for it.

This is a lifestyle program of mutual benefits in product value and financial benefits in 10 different ways of making additional income as must has $500,000 per month.

The Ardyss compensation plan has specific objectives:

  • Define the amount of income you can earn based on your level performance
  • Help you set realistic and achievable goals for building your business
  • Allow you to make meaningful income immediately
  • Provide a simple, duplicable system for you to stay qualified and "in the money"
  • Enable you to create a serious business (if you choose) and be rewarded

Ardyss is dedicated to help you succeed as you grow your business. Our commitment to you is to provide the best quality products, services, and tools. As an Ardyss Independent Distributor, you can benefit from 10 income sources.

1 - Direct Sales - Immediate earnings

You can buy the product at wholesale price and sell it at retail price. Every new distributor receives a 40% discount.


2 - Fast Start Express Bonus - Weekly payment

This bonus is paid on a weekly basis upon the first purchase of the new associates. If you are programmed in the Recurring Order program you are entitled to collect 30% of the Value Points (VP) of the first purchase of all of your new associates.

If you are not programmed in the Recurring Order program you get 20%. The maximum amount paid of the first purchase is 300 (VP). In addition, you will be paid regardless of where you placed the new associates in your downline. To qualify for weekly payment on the Recruiting Commission, you will need to meet 2 requirements:

  • Be on Recurring Order
  • (100 Personal Qualification Points (PQP) minimum)
  • Have activated your Prepaid Card (a commission payment debit card)
  • This applies only on those enrolled with Recurring order or membership. (Not Power Pack)


3 - Power Pack Bonus - Weekly or monthly payment

The Power Pack is an option to enroll new distributors to Ardyss. This package not only gives the distributor the option to start with the wonderful products Ardyss offers (with a set package or build your own options), but also allows you to maximize your earning potential with the "Power Start" program. Each time you enroll someone with Power Pack, you will receive a $80, $120, $200 Recruiting Commission. This commission could be paid weekly or monthly.

4 & 5 - Enrollment Relationship Bonus + Unilevel Bonus

Pays on personal and placement volume through eight levels.

10% of the “Enrollment Relationship and Unilevel Bonus” is earned on each distributor you personally enroll, regardless of where you place her/him.

In addition to that 10%, you get a percentage according to where you place her/him which is usually another 5%. In conclusion, most of the cases 15 % will be earned on your personally enrolled distributor and a 5% of all distributors enrolled by them.

Unilevel income and enrollment bonuses are earned as of the date of the second purchase of the new associates. There are no limitations on width, and all personal purchases are included regardless of where the volumes are placed.

The benefits of the placement of new associates.

This eliminated the need to grow too fast and too wide. The placement of new associates helps you structure your organization in teams while maximizing profits.

6 - Generational Bonus - Monthly payment

Generational Bonuses are additional percentages earned when a distributor chooses to get involved in the Ardyss Business Career.

This starts when the distributor makes at least 10,000 GQP. From there on, distributors could qualify to receive a 4% additional bonus for all the purchases of her/his group and is only interrupted at the moment a new generation is uncovered.

Also, as the group grows, more generations are uncovered and therefore you also collect additional percentages from them, as shown in the following chart:


7 - Car Bonus - Monthly payment

In order to earn this benefit, you must qualify for two consecutive months with the required qualification shown in the chart and comply with the 40% rule (see compensation plan located in your Back Office).

Furthermore, the Ardyss Car Bonus is another tool distributors can use to recruit new prospects. A wonderful perk to becoming an Ardyss distributor.


Platinum Mercedes-Benz Program
Platinum Presidents can Drive to Succeed with this program.

How it Works:

  1. Achieve 500,000 GQP (40% rules applies)
  2. Contact Ardyss if you’d like to participate in the “Mercedes-Benz Program” by emailing us first at
  3. Ardyss will provide you with our Mercedes-Benz corporate account and rules, so you can choose a platinum-colored Mercedes-Benz according to our program*
  4. You will receive down payment assistance of $2,000 and a monthly payment of $1,500.
  5. You will need to send Ardyss a copy of the lease or purchase agreement for our records.

*The Mercedes-Benz program is a 36-month period program. You can choose a lease or purchase option. Qualifying is simple and the moment you qualify you are entitled to start receiving the benefits. If you do not qualify one particular month, you will be in entitled to collect 50% of the previous car bonus.

8 - Rank Bonus - Monthly payment

This monthly bonus can be earned if the distributor maintains the requirements for its rank. If you are not able to maintain the requirements in a particular month, the distributor will not be able to earn the bonus on that particular month.


9 - Matching Rank Bonus

Receive an equal Rank Bonus from your Personally Enrolled Distributors.
Requirements: You and your personally enrolled must be in a Recurring Order for at least 100 PQP's.Your personally enrolled must have an equal or lesser rank than yours.You and your personally enrolled should be paid according to the reached rank.Recruit 2 new Distributors with any of the enrollment options (with a Recurring Order with a minimum of 100PQP’s).

10 - Power Start Bonus

Ardyss has an amazing way to create extra money in addition to the rest of the compensation plan. We went the extra mile and created something that’s not only a system to build your business but also an amazing bonus to get into profit fast.

Power Start is the distributor’s guide to success in the Ardyss compensation plan.

Who can participate in this program?

Only those distributors who enroll in Ardyss with a Power Pack are eligible to participate. This is the best way to get your business started. If you did not enter with Power Pack you can make an upgrade.

What is Power Start about?

The objective of Power Start is not only to encourage distributors to achieve their own goals, but to also help their team members achieve their goals. Power Start encourages this activity because it pays the participant both a personal Power Start Bonus and a 100%.

Matching Commission on the Power Start Bonuses their personal enrollees earn. Power Start pays you off their efforts as well as your own.

Power Start bonuses pay the participant a personal bonus of $500,000 and an additional $500,000 for EACH person you enroll. If you enroll 3 people your 100% matching bonus potential is over $2 million! Power Start bonuses are in addition to the other 9 ways outlined to earn in this brochure.

Imagine if you earn your complete potential of personal power start bonuses AND help 4 others do the same. Your earnings would be over $2,500,000! That’s powerful!

What are the goals of the Power Start program?

The program is based on the “Earning Chart” below where you can see the details of all set goals; such as the number of months you have from the moment you enroll to Ardyss to meet the group volume required and the number of personal active distributors you need to achieve the Power Start bonuses.


Insert Power Start Table

For more details about the Ardyss business:

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@ C basement of WAEC building, # 10 Zambezi Crescent, beside INEC Headquaters, Maitama Abuja.

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