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Through its lypo-transportation feature, fatty tissue is properly distributed, conveyed to the places where it is needed and removed from where it’s not. Innovative in design to help lift your stomach as it flattens and controls your abdomen muscles. This body shaper lifts and reshapes the buttocks and helps thin the appearance of your upper thighs.

Our Reshaping Solution When Worn:

•Helps reduce waist 2-3 dress sizes
•Helps lift the buttocks
•Helps to slim hips & upper thigh area
•Smoothes the appearance of your abdominal area and lower back
•Strapless design for sexy wear!

SIZES: 24 to 46

Special sizes by request


* To be worn every day till desired objective is achieved
* Wash normally


* How to Wear:

  •  Un strap all the hooks and zipper where applicable
  •  Turn the garment inside out ( where garments extend to the thigh)
  •  Turn the garment upside down  ( where garments extend to the thigh)
  •  Put in the legs , one at a time to the thigh
  •  Turn up the garment and wriggle in to pull up to the stomach / under the thorax
  •  Close up the hook one by one to desired comfort preferably and best bet when lying down


*Determination of Size

Your Thorax / under the burst very tight determines your size: Measure very tight and relate with the size chart below:

  1. Where the measurement is an even number, that is the exact size: e.g with measurement 32, size is 32
  2. Where the measurement is an odd number, subtract 1 and the new figure is the size; e.g with measurement 35, 35 – 1, size is 34
  3. Where the measurement is in between,  e.g with measurement 32.5 size is 32 or 33.5, size is 32
  4. Where the measurement of the hips is greater than the measurement of the Thorax plus 15, then the next size of the Thorax will be ideal. E.g if Thorax is 32 and hips is 47, the best size of garment is 32 i.e 32 + x where x is 15, where hips is greater than 47, the ideal size will be  34

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Postpartum No

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