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Moswardrobe is a clothing line for the STYLISH with designer and casual/contemporary apparel & accessories for both Men and Women. We pride ourselves with brands like GIVENCHY, CHANEL, VERSACE, CAVANA, GENIO and other brands ROXY MILO, POLIN, MIRADA, VIER, ELETTO, BELUSCONI and more. MosWardrobe is for the busy professional, Elegant and Stylish Man and Woman living in Nigeria and environs.
We have it all; from Bags, Dresses, Suits, Blazers, Shoes, Watches, Kiddies wear, Shirts & T-shirts, Accessories and SHAPE WEARS.
A place where boutique fashion is Adorned and where You can get those Supreme services that meet your busy & stylish lifestyle.
MosWardrobe. Collections that meets your style.

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